Virbi – Your Virtual Business Intelligence Robot

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Virbi is a highly skilled MS SQL Developer Robot, that writes and executes any MS SQL Query upon end-user request

Usual Problem

Even if SQL scripting is interesting for developers, fine tuning existing queries is time consuming and sometimes even risky.
In case there is no OLAP system deployed, each new report required by the functional teams leads to short or long involvement of an experienced SQL Developer.
And the functional teams, who hesitate to write SQL scripts, cannot work independently and cannot retrieve their preferred data from the database efficiently.

Unusual Solution

For our current and future customers we have developed Virbi, a Robot that is able to develop and execute tailor-made SQL Queries for each ad-hoc requirement.
Consequently no SQL Coding experience is required any more, as end-users design their new reports efficiently and Virbi builds and executes the underlying queries for them.
Virbi is able to retrieve, download and email the reported data as well as to communicate a status report with the end-users.

Virbi stands for Virtual Business Intelligence and serves as a smart, flexible and holistic Reporting tool to any small or middle size MS SQL database

Is reporting from your MS SQL
databases efficient enough?

Book a short meeting to see how much work Virbi can do for you