Enhance your Database System

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We develop premium database solutions for software companies

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Evaluate System

We get a 360° picture of your current data integration, modeling and reporting

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Assess Potential

We assess the automation potential of the database of your software

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Propose Solutions

We propose solutions to eliminate errors and admin work of end-users

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Develop Apps

We develop automation solutions to streamline your processes

…offering a wide range of services in MS SQL

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Data Integration

We apply dynamic SQL to reduce scripting complexity and consulting cost

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Data Modeling

We redesign or extend your database model to simplify and assure its data integrity

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Process Automation

We automate processes performed by the end-users in or around your system

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We optimize reporting for your OLTP or OLAP database system

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Business Modeling

We develop KPIs, models and scenarios to improve decision making of end-users

How much can we further optimize
the database system of your application?

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