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sdbs is a privately held IT consulting firm, found at the end 2017 in Vienna, that delivers tailor-made databases solutions to corporations, SMEs and software companies. Our passion is to maximize the value (information) you get from your databases and minimize the cost (time) the databases consume from you and your team. We strive to build a long term relationship with each of our customers, developing ad-hoc automation solutions, managing continuous improvement projects and providing full support on any Python, Excel VBA or MS SQL issue.

greg tzavelopoulos

Our passion is to develop and deliver tailor-made database solutions that automate less efficient tasks, raise valuable insights out of the systems and eliminate the risk of poor data quality, enabling organizations to work more efficiently and to focus on high value-adding tasks

Greg TzavelopoulosGeneral Manager

Social Responsibility

sdbs sponsors the production of the short film “The Mechanic” in Spring 2018

“The Mechanic” is a science fiction allegory set in a dystopian setting. Its investigative narrative examines the disappearance of a devoted car expert from the garage he works in. The film’s fragmented story is told by a mechanic who was a young apprentice at the time of the disappearance. The film was commissioned by the Greek Film Center and was made with a team of devoted creative filmmakers. It is an adaptation of Renos Apostolidis’ celebrated novella of modern Greek literature. The project was filmed by cinematographer Claudio Bolivar GSC, award-winning cinematographer. The film’s writer-director Dimitris Kotselis is a Sarajevo Talents alumnus working in Athens and London. sdbs is glad to participate in the financing of film initiatives by young artists that contribute value to culture and society.

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